Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just Breath...

Grab the camera.. and laugh a little.

Cause even though she did this...

Later, she'll do this...

And all is well in the world.

Its a long one...

But do you really have anything better to do??

Where have I been??

Well.. I wish I had something exciting to say.

We've been on vacation!!!

Kapri is potty trained!!!

We're rich and I'd rather go shopping than talk to you people!!!

But... no.

We're still here, puttin' away. NONE of the above statements are true, but that doesn't mean I don't have things to share with you.

You lucky dog, you.

In case you've forgotten, I'm cookin' up a baby in this here belly of mine. Can I tell you a secret? Its EXHAUSTING being pregnant and chasing after a two year old that rarely slows down. Seriously, she's on fast forward ALL THE TIME.

I'm scheduled to get induced on Wednesday. (Yes thats in two days, can you say CA-razy.) So, I've got minimal time left before the chaos takes over. I thought I'd try to do a little catching up on here, since I know you've all been DYING to know what we've been doing. All six of you.

Here goes...


My lovely BUNKONIANS had a little baby shower for me and my sister in law, Kim. She's also with child.. bahaha.. and due just a few days after me. We went to Buca De Beppos and ate delicious pasta and GREEN BEANS, with the Pope. Man their green beans are delicious, and the pope wasn't too bad, just a little creepy.

Check out THAT face. Seriously, I was excited about the pants.

Thank you ladies for all the goods!!!


One morning, it snowed. Shonni called me up and said I'm gonna come sled at your house. She can be a little demanding at times, so I didn't put up a fight. Poor Kapri had been couped up the house all week and needed a release anyway, so no pride was lost. We happen to have a pretty stellar (yep, I totally said it) hill behind our house. In fact, everyone in the neighborhood agrees. Which is why we daily have people slamming into the side of our house when there's snow on the ground. Its grand. We're just humming along, knitting our mittens and BAM!!

Addison ate the snow, the ENTIRE time.

Shonni was the awesome one and went down the hill with both girls.

Then, I had to prove I wasn't just some lazy pregnant person and made my way up the hill to go down with Kapri.

Seriously.. these FACES I make. I'm not sure how Cody even talked himself into making a baby with me.

It was pretty warm and the snow started melting so we whipped out the good ol' Tangled four-wheeler (best Christmas present EVER, thanks Santa) to let the girls ride around. Well, they fought over it. Tears were shed. Screams were yelled, yells were screamed. You get the point. Sharing is a daily work in progress for these two. We pulled out Kapri's scooter in hopes of saving our sanity, but of course they always wanted what the other had. After a few (as in hundred) fits they finally got into the groove of TAKING TURNS. Its an amazing thing.

Towards the end Kapri started chasing Addison down the street. I scolded her fiercly.

What? You're right, I totally almost peed my pants laughing cause I thought it was so funny. Pregnancy and laughing haven't gone very well together lately for your's truly. I can't even imagine what would happen if I jumped on a trampoline right now.

I'd. Totally. Be. Peeing. The. Entire. Time.


For St. Patrick's Day we had corned beef and cabbage. We invited my Dad, and Shonni and Addison. Shonni's husband Josh was out of town so I think she was in need of a little "adult interaction". I'm not sure we qualify as "adults", but we tried to deliver. If you've ever met the three of us (Shonni, my dad and myself) we think we are the FUNNIEST people in the WORLD. We frequently make jokes (which make no sense to ANYONE) and follow them with hysterical laughing. Then we laugh because we're laughing. Then we can't remember why we're laughing, so we laugh some more. Its a hoot, I don't care who you are.

(My sister Traci ALSO thinks she's hilarious.. we miss her. Come home Traci.)

We sat the girls down for dessert.. they each had their own helping of HEAVEN... also known as ice cream pie.

Apparently, they thought it'd be more fun to share.

Did you hear that?? SHARE. Its totally catching on.

We are AWESOME parents.