Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pin the what, on the WHAT??

My baby is two. Now...if you ask her, she's ONE. (Please imagine her, in all her STINKING cuteness, holding up one chubby finger.) We're trying to teach her to say two now.. but, lets just say, she's a little stubborn.

On her actual birthday, we went to Chuck-e-Cheese. Grandma Annie and Grandpa Frank came along for the fun.

The entertainment, games and prizes didn't disappoint. BUT.. the food is a whole different story, not good. Not good at all.

On Friday night we had a big party with the fam and a few friends. There was food involved, bowling on the Wii, pinning the feather on the turkey, LOTS of presents and loads of FUN!! People can't help but have fun when we're around.

It was also our cousin David's birthday.. the big THREE OH!! Yep.. you read it right, THIRTY. We were happy to celebrate with him.

What'll it be??

That's right.. my gut feeling was that it was a boy.. but, lo and behold...

Its a GIRL!!!

We are thrilled and I am so excited for Kapri to have a little sister.
Not to mention, we already have everything we need for a little girl... can we say, CONVENIENT??

This baby was super modest, and was refusing to give us a shot of the goods. Finally, the doctor came in and was able to get one good shot, enough to give us a 95% guess of a girl. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures proving this point.

Next step.. getting the perfect name!!

Double, double toil and trouble...

So... I'm a weee bit late posting this.. but, here's a quickie post for you. Just to let you know how much fun we had over Halloween.

We had our Annual Halloween Party... I somehow ended up with only about ten pictures.. I must've taken about one hundred.

Friday, we went to Cody's work and trick or treated.. Kapri left with a full pumpkin.

Saturday, we went Trick or Treating in Daybreak, which is a community that has AMAZING houses... our friends just happen to live there, lucky us. It was the BEST trick or treating I've seen in years. Kids were all over the place, reminded me of when we were little and used to go. Kapri left with ANOTHER full pumpkin. Its almost a month later and I'm still wondering what to do with all these pixie sticks and dum dums.