Sunday, November 21, 2010

What'll it be??

That's right.. my gut feeling was that it was a boy.. but, lo and behold...

Its a GIRL!!!

We are thrilled and I am so excited for Kapri to have a little sister.
Not to mention, we already have everything we need for a little girl... can we say, CONVENIENT??

This baby was super modest, and was refusing to give us a shot of the goods. Finally, the doctor came in and was able to get one good shot, enough to give us a 95% guess of a girl. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures proving this point.

Next step.. getting the perfect name!!


  1. Congrats! Since I've known the jones family the girls have always dominated! Sorry Cody two big blue eyed girls and one on the way your screwed, I hope your prepared for the sweetest "pretty pleases" and giving in cause there is no hope in getting your way ever again! Tawnya I owe you so if you want to borrow any clothes let me know. Congrats again!

  2. Awesome, we are rather partial to girls right now. Could be because we are surrounded by them. LOL I hope she is a cuddler. Oh how I love to snuggle with a baby. They smell so good!