Monday, April 27, 2009

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!!

We got together at Traci's house on Sunday, and somehow it turned into a photo-fest. That was probably my fault. My dad, Koston and Teagan all have the same shoes, which gave Shonni (or someone) an idea. A brilliant idea. :) Hopefully I didn't steal her thunder, see.. she mentioned the idea, and then I went crazy with the camera. Its a disease. I have shutterfingeralophogis. I can't help it. I should probably be on medication for it. The result though is some fantastic pictures.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Seriously, so much fun.

So yesterday Shonni and I decided to venture to the park.. Grandma Nonni came along. Somehow the simplest of things always end up so complicated when the two of us are involved. The end result is usually pleasant though, luckily. It wasn't nearly as hot as the good ol' weather guru told us it would be (80 degrees), so they should fire him and hire me instead. What do I know about forcasting the weather? Absolutely nothing, but I bet he makes a good chunk of money telling LIES!!
Anyhoo, we swung, swang, swinged on the swings. I'm not sure which word is correct so I'll just use all three. We slid down the slide. We ate a delicious Meatball Sub from Subway.. Five dollar, five dollar, FIVE DOLLAR FOOTLONGS!! I bet you just started singing the song from the commercial, I did. Its as addicting as Beyonce's "All the single ladies, all the single ladies, put your hands up!! Oh oh oh, Oh oh oh." *Picture me dancing around with my hands up, cause thats what I'm doing. By the way, I just ate a calzone thinga ma jiggy for lunch and just realized that I have some on my shirt. I'm saving it for later. What was I talking about? Oh yes, the park. It was fun.

Later that day we went to Koston's flag football game. Go... Hmm. I don't actually know the name of his team. We'll call them the Bafoon's for now. Go BAFOONS!!

I'm pretty sure this is the COOLEST action shot ever, he pretty much looks like a super hero.

Grandma, Aunt Janice and Aubrie even came along for the fun.

Addison was chillaxin' in Grandpa's lap.

Koston kicked butt, of course.

Jesse did a mean coaching job.. this is him telling Koston something about not dancing around cause it slows you down.

Teagan was sweet enough to demonstrate how to "shake what your momma gave ya"..

Then I had to do a little shakin' of my own.

I know.. you wish you were there. Cause everywhere I go a party happens!!

Spring has SPRUNG!!

I love this time of year, the weather (some days anyway), the smells.. the FLOWERS!! This is what I get to see every time I walk out my front door!!

I wish you could SMELL the deliciousness!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Doo dilly doo.. We went to the ZOO!!

Yesterday we made a trip to the Hogle Zoo. It was Kapri's first time.. and also mine and Cody's first time together. It was so much fun!! We bought a membership so we can go multiple times over the next year. I am pretty sure that I'm going to go once a week for exercise.. I will have the buffest calves EVER from walking up and down those hills pushing a stroller. You'll all be jealous of my "zoo walking calves".

It was a last minute idea.. but we ended up with a pretty good turn out. Shonni, Josh and Addison came. Traci, Jesse and the boys. My mom and Jay even came along.

Koston and Teagan are such "posers".. they learned from the second best, their mom. I am first best, of course. Don't be haters.

Cody had the camera for most of the day and we had very simple instructions for him. "Take lots of pictures of everyone." He did a fantastic job.. and also got MANY pictures of the animals. You see, he's just as obsessed with our new camera as I am. I had to tell him to stop taking pictures more than once. By the end of the day he had taken about 600. I stole the camera a few times to get some shots of him and all his studly-ness.

"What was my favorite part?" you ask. I loved the ELEPHANTS!!

Ooh,ooh and the giraffes.

Wait, the monkeys. Oh gosh, I can't choose!!

At one point Kapri had pooped and was voicing her disatisfaction of my non-noticing ways. Everyone had gone into the reptile habitat, and Cody and I stayed out with the strollers and the babies. We were frantically trying to clean Kapri's bum, while trying not to make a mess of poop, when Addison starting voicing her disatisfaction of our "babysitting" skills. Apparently she wanted someone to pay attention to her. "Shhh Addison, you're not allowed to be upset right now." I am pretty sure everyone thought we had twins. I had Kapri's bare, poop covered bum in the air. Cody was searching through our mess of a diaper bag looking for wipe 'ems. Addison was crying. You should've seen the people walking by.. some had looks of sympathy, others laughed. One person even walked by and said "she's not a happy camper". Really? I hadn't noticed. Shonni came frolicking out, so excited to share her "pictures of the humping turtles" that she had taken. She was oblivious to the chaos that was happening outside. All in all, the moment only lasted about 5 minutes, but seemed like forever. I'll now show a picture of the love making turtles, since I know you're dying to see it.

That was the only "incident" of the day, which I think is pretty good considering we were there for 5 hours. There were no gorillas, alligators or hippos which was disappointing. The black bears were hiding in the moat. (Which isn't such a bad thing since I have a fear of them attacking me in my sleep while camping.) The tiger was asleep.. which also might be a good thing because apparently they like to pee on people.

Kapri and Addison happily (most of the time) rode in their strollers. I'm pretty sure they talk to eachother. What do they say? I can't believe these dummies push us around in a stroller, feed us when we cry, change us when we poop. *Leaning back with hands behind head. This is the life.

We will definitely be making a trip back in June when the baby elephant graces us with its presence. Next time I'll make sure to wear sunscreen.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pictures, pictures, PICTURES!!!

So.. my new obsession.. taking pictures. I do it in the day, I do it in the night, I probably even do it in my sleep. I will probably have six kids, just so I always have "on hand" models. I haven't shared that bit of information with Cody quite yet.

The other day we took Jalynn's girls Taelor, Ashlyn and Cadence out for a photoshoot. We got some AMAZING pictures that I'm thrilled about. So I will share a few with you. We haven't done any editing yet, still trying to figure out photoshop, so these are just straight out of the camera. Grab a towel.. to wipe up your drool of course.




You have no idea the torture that I just brought upon myself. Trying to choose just a few pictures out of the nine hundred that we took... sooooo difficult.
Jalynn and Taelor decided to cut off their BEAUTIFUL LOOOOOOOOOOOONG hair to donate to locks of love. Lucky me!! I got to be the do-er of the deed.. well I cut the hair, but they are the ones that are going to reap the benefits, technically. Do I get any credit?

Sniff, sniff. I just realized that some how, some way, some dumb stupid moronic way, I deleted the pictures of cutting Jalynn's hair. All I have is this single picture of the final "do". Dang it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

How am I ever going to say no to this face???

I had an insight into my future.. You know how you see parents in the store, the ones pretending that the child that is throwing a tantrum in the cereal isle doesn't belong to them? This will not be me.. because I will just let her have the Fruity Pebbles if she really wants them!!

Happy Easter!!

So.. Happy Easter a day late. We had a day full of fun, food and family. Even after three years me and Cody are having a hard time adjusting to holidays. We both want to see our families, so the day is often spent running from one place to another. By the time we got home last night, we were all exhausted and stuffed!!

Saturday night Shonni and I did another photoshoot with the girls. They're going to resent getting pictures taken for the rest of their lives.. not to mention they'll probably be blind from the flash by the time they're 2. Shonni got some really cute pics of Addison, but Kapri was just not having it so I ended up taking pictures of her in her dress on Sunday morning.

I must say, she is FREAKING ADORABLE!! Yes, yes, I know.

We went to Jalynn's for lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt. Kapri slept through most of it, luckily she doesn't mind much yet.

Later that day we went to Cody's mom's house. We ate MORE food.. and got MORE candy. We also got some really good pics of us as a family, which I'm really excited about. Cody even went along with it, he only put up a minor fight.

By the end of the night Kapri was snugglin' with Grandpa, and man did she look comfy!!