Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!

So.. Happy Easter a day late. We had a day full of fun, food and family. Even after three years me and Cody are having a hard time adjusting to holidays. We both want to see our families, so the day is often spent running from one place to another. By the time we got home last night, we were all exhausted and stuffed!!

Saturday night Shonni and I did another photoshoot with the girls. They're going to resent getting pictures taken for the rest of their lives.. not to mention they'll probably be blind from the flash by the time they're 2. Shonni got some really cute pics of Addison, but Kapri was just not having it so I ended up taking pictures of her in her dress on Sunday morning.

I must say, she is FREAKING ADORABLE!! Yes, yes, I know.

We went to Jalynn's for lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt. Kapri slept through most of it, luckily she doesn't mind much yet.

Later that day we went to Cody's mom's house. We ate MORE food.. and got MORE candy. We also got some really good pics of us as a family, which I'm really excited about. Cody even went along with it, he only put up a minor fight.

By the end of the night Kapri was snugglin' with Grandpa, and man did she look comfy!!

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