Friday, April 24, 2009

Seriously, so much fun.

So yesterday Shonni and I decided to venture to the park.. Grandma Nonni came along. Somehow the simplest of things always end up so complicated when the two of us are involved. The end result is usually pleasant though, luckily. It wasn't nearly as hot as the good ol' weather guru told us it would be (80 degrees), so they should fire him and hire me instead. What do I know about forcasting the weather? Absolutely nothing, but I bet he makes a good chunk of money telling LIES!!
Anyhoo, we swung, swang, swinged on the swings. I'm not sure which word is correct so I'll just use all three. We slid down the slide. We ate a delicious Meatball Sub from Subway.. Five dollar, five dollar, FIVE DOLLAR FOOTLONGS!! I bet you just started singing the song from the commercial, I did. Its as addicting as Beyonce's "All the single ladies, all the single ladies, put your hands up!! Oh oh oh, Oh oh oh." *Picture me dancing around with my hands up, cause thats what I'm doing. By the way, I just ate a calzone thinga ma jiggy for lunch and just realized that I have some on my shirt. I'm saving it for later. What was I talking about? Oh yes, the park. It was fun.

Later that day we went to Koston's flag football game. Go... Hmm. I don't actually know the name of his team. We'll call them the Bafoon's for now. Go BAFOONS!!

I'm pretty sure this is the COOLEST action shot ever, he pretty much looks like a super hero.

Grandma, Aunt Janice and Aubrie even came along for the fun.

Addison was chillaxin' in Grandpa's lap.

Koston kicked butt, of course.

Jesse did a mean coaching job.. this is him telling Koston something about not dancing around cause it slows you down.

Teagan was sweet enough to demonstrate how to "shake what your momma gave ya"..

Then I had to do a little shakin' of my own.

I know.. you wish you were there. Cause everywhere I go a party happens!!

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  1. Hey T. I found your link on facebook, super cute blog! Ours is I'm going to add you to my fav's if thats ok? Oh and seriously could Kapri be any cuter! I want to just squeeze her cheeks!