Monday, April 27, 2009

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!!

We got together at Traci's house on Sunday, and somehow it turned into a photo-fest. That was probably my fault. My dad, Koston and Teagan all have the same shoes, which gave Shonni (or someone) an idea. A brilliant idea. :) Hopefully I didn't steal her thunder, see.. she mentioned the idea, and then I went crazy with the camera. Its a disease. I have shutterfingeralophogis. I can't help it. I should probably be on medication for it. The result though is some fantastic pictures.


  1. those are such cute pics! you did a great job!

  2. I actually think it was my idea:) And why did I not put them in cuter clothes and have their darn hair done...That's some poor mothering skills;)

  3. I am glad they don't have their hair done, and they look like a mess, and their dirty and dad's butt is covered in mud. It adds character to the pictures. Good job Tawnya :) They turned out really cool. Also, yes Traci, it was your idea.