Saturday, December 25, 2010

Is it really over??

We just got home after a long day full of fun, family and tons of delicious food!! I'll eventually get around to posting about it, but until then......

Merry Christmas!!!
Cody, Tawnya and Kapri
.. and the weee little bebe in my belly.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Squeaky shoes and sugar cookies..

Those are the makings for a fun holiday party. Atleast, in our neck of the woods. My friend Bree had a few of us over to have a party/playdate for the kidlets. These outings are always welcome on our end.

Stella was there...

Reese made an appearance.. but then had to go to school.

Addison attended, in all of her CHEESY glory.

Kapri came, of course.

AND.. we even had Ethan there. Yay for a little testosterone!!

The kids decorated (ate) sugar cookies..

They had a jumping party in the crib.. until they were stopped because the squeaking/creaking began getting louder and LOUDER. (Ethan wanted NO part of it.)

They gave us one amazing CHEESE for the camera.

Stella and Reese (Bree) gave the kids squeaker shoes. I'm not sure if thats the technical name or not.. but thats the best way to describe them. Shoes that squeak. Now, if you know Kapri, you know that she is RARELY walking. Its always a run/skip/jump kind of trot, to wherever she's headed at the moment. These shoes are a dream come true for her!! Squeak, squeak, SQUEAK!!!

At the end, when the kids were tired, the adults were worn out.. and the house was a mess.. we posed for one group picture. It was quite the success.. given the circumstances.

Thanks for hosting Bree!!

**A few days after the party, we were at Leatherby's, (the BEST ice cream shop in Utah)and Kapri was running to the front of the store (squeak, squeak, SQUEAK) and this lady looked her up and down.. turned to her husband (while I was standing directly behind her) and said "Ugh.. that is SOOOO annoying." Seriously? It took everything in me not to punch her in the back of the head. Is that wrong??

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Healthy snacks.. bwah ha ha.

Kapri was BEGGING me to make cookies. I kept telling her that I need to be healthy, and that cookies aren't good for my bootylicious body right now. She insisted... so, we made cookies. (If you believed, or atleast PRETENDED to believe that bull crap story, thank you.) But not just ANY cookies...

The BEST Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, like EVER.

By the end, we were covered in flour.. along with all of the silverware in the drawer, thanks to one minor mishap.

We ate some (okay, ALOT)of the delicious dough.. don't you judge me.

Then I baked late into the night to get them done. We were going to a party the next day, and I thought I'd bring some to share. UNFORTUNATELY, Spanky had other plans. Plans that included EATING my all of my cookies. Seriously.

As a little side note, I'd like to share this last picture with you. This is one of Kapri's famous looks. I'll happily give you an example: I say "Kapri, come right back here and give me back those bacon bits that I've taken away from you twelve times today." She says nothing, just gives me this look. As if to say "I don't know what you're talking about, you big dumb idiot." Or in the actual case of this picture.. when I repremanded her for putting her entire spoon of cookie dough into her milk.

December B to the UNKO...

We switch it up a little in December. Instead of giving our normal ten dollars for gifts, we each bring a ten dollar (ish) gift to give. We make sure they're wrapped, so no one can see the goodness inside. We eat a delicious dinner, (which was EXTRA delicious this time, thanks to our hostess, Jalynn, and all her awesome-ness) play a few rows of the game, and then start on the gifts.

So.. I'm not gonna lie. I'm not even going to sugar coat it a little. This year's gift exchange was not nearly as exciting as last year's. You can read about the excitement in 2009 here. It was full of hootin' and hollerin', stealin' and trickin'. This year it was more like squeaks and squeals.

I took pictures (WOW), some people cooperated...

Others, not so much...

Big, absent-minded, prego me, forgot to take a group picture... so, dust off your imagination, and USE IT.

Make sure to imagine me skinny...