Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I'm a total follower.  I read a few blogs that do this whole "tell three random things about yourself, on a tuesday, and call it Three-Tangent-Tuesday."  I am now going to do this.  Just for you.  You're so lucky.

1.  Yesterday, I was telling Kapri to stop chewing on a string that Cody had just cut off of her leggings.  Apparently she ignored me, because I just changed her poopy diaper and I had to pull the string out of her butt. 

2.  I have never been much of an egg person.  In fact, they used to make me sick.  The, have to run to the bathroom very quickly, kind of sick.  I cooked some yesterday for my niece and had one left so I fried it up for me.  HOLY DELICIOUS.  Where have these fried eggs things been all my life.  Now, I am craving eggs, and have none.

3.  My sister Traci is coming to visit from Florida tomorrow.  TOMORROW.  I haven't seen her or her kids since last year.. and I have NEVER seen my new nephew JUDE.  I. Cannot. Contain. My. Excitment. 

I mean, really.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Totally worth the twelve dollars.

Fact is, I'm a sucker.  Kapri caught me in a weak moment at the store when she ran up to me yelling "Princess" at the top of her lungs, carrying a Little Mermaid slip 'n slide.  I can't say I even hesitated before I told her "YES, of course you can have the princess slip 'n slide."  Talk about HOURS of entertainment.  For me, of course.

We finally had a warm enough day to whip it out, so we did.

Addison joined in on the fun.  She's one lucky cousin. 

( I wonder if she thinks that when she's getting pummeled by Kapri.)

I think we'll be using the slip 'n slide a lot 'round these parts.

Addison agrees.

Again, AGAIN!!

We took advantage of one of the few warm days we've had this "summer" and went to the park across the street from my house.  Its just a hop, skip and a jump away.  And we literally hopped, skipped and jumped our way over.  Well, Kapri did anyway.  (Seriously, this kid doesn't walk.)

I think they had fun.

Shonni, Piper and I sat and watched from the shade. Unfortunately, shade isn't sun-proof (who'd a thunk) and Piper got her first (minor) sunburn. I felt horrible and beat myself up over it. Luckily, it only lasted a day or two and she never seemed uncomfortable. Bad mom award goes to ME.


This post is going to be random.  Just like me.

Try to keep up.

We had a swimming party at my mom's in April.  My nephew, Preston, was turning 8. 

H-h-h-Happy Birfday!!! 
(Ten points for you if you name the movie.) 

My Top Three...

My niece, Cadence.  Pretty much the definition of adorable.

Cody got all dressed up for me and stained the deck.  He still makes my heart go pitter, patter. 

Kapri and I watched.  From inside. 

My children are seriously scrumptious. 

We found Kapri reading my favorite book ever to Piper.  It pretty much made my day LIFE. 

Piper started smiling around two months.  I've yet to catch a GOOD picture of her grinning, but here is a poor quality one.. for your viewing pleasure.  :)

This little girl's got a pretty good cheeser too.

I'm pretty sure she's saying "cheese" through those pearly whites.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Don't cha wish your family was cool like mine???

Don't cha, don't cha baby, don't cha??