Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wen to the DOVER!!

Cody's cousin, Kim, (who also happens to be my sister Jalynn's best friend, incase you haven't caught on to this connection yet) invited us to go to Wendover on the fun bus. If you've never ventured out to Wendover on the FUN BUS.. you're missing out. Its all about luxury. You're even served ice cold beverages along the way (nevermind that they're served in styrofoam cups and poured out of a two-liter bottle). They give you a free coupon for dinner, a free cocktail, five FREE bucks to try to get lucky with (FAIL) and a few other coupons. The free dinner you get is a $25 seafood buffet.. the ticket for the fun bus (including those fantastic drinks I told you about).. $15!! They pretty much PAY you to go. In hind sight, I guess they're willing to do this because they're hoping you'll spend your whole paycheck there.. but they must not know me and Cody. We left spending no more than thirty bucks. We're just not big on handing people our money, for FREE. Nope, not for us.

I brought along my crappy camera, and remembered quickly why I never use it anymore. HORRIBLE pictures I tell you.

Right afer we took these two pictures (which btw, don't ask me why the picture of me and Cody got cut in HALF. I don't have an answer), some man came from NO WHERE and told me we couldn't take pictures in there. Whoops.

We walked from one casino to another, mainly cause we were too lazy to wait for the shuttle. Wait, thats not lazy. Thats the opposite of lazy!! Ten points for us!!

We had fun, but I missed my baby. Can you blame me?

Then she started bossing me around.. Hey you.. yeah you!! I want some french fries!!

We brought her back a fairy coloring book. It comes with a marker that magically makes all of the colors appear in the right places. Pure GENIUS.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Future artist... or rock climber.

Kapri LOVES coloring and climbing. If she can combine the two, "HALLELUJAH".. she's one happy kid!!

(Please disregard the snot, its a common accurance in these here parts.)

A few weeks ago she hit a carpet nail with the back of her head.. poor kid had to get staples. POOR MOM had to hold her down while they did it!! I cried.. probably more than Kapri did. If you know her at all, you know she does NOT like to hold still. The nurse was comforting me more than her.. pathetic, I know.

Now they're out, and its a tiny scab. Probably won't even scar. Hopefully we won't have any more late night insta-care visits in the near future. Preferably NEVER.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.
--Leo Buscaglia

Friday, February 12, 2010

NOT two peas in a pod...

My sister Shonni, and I, are always talking about how different Kapri and Addison are. Addison is laid back, and it takes quite a bit to make her mad. Kapri is at the other end of the spectrum. That girl can throw tantrums like you cannot believe. Can we say DRAMA QUEEN!!!

Now, I'm working on this with her, mainly by completely IGNORING her. (Once I've made sure she's safely made it to the ground without smacking her head.) She usually throws a fit for a moment or two, and then moves on. That is.. unless her Uncle Dustin is there to tease her. And trust me, he TEASES her. Funny, I can think back to a time when he tickled me until I peed my pants.. PURE TORTURE I TELL YOU!!!

Anyway, we decided to document their differences.. and they played it out perfectly for me. Guess our training sessions are going well.. I'm kidding. We don't really train them. Ahem.

Miss Addison will go first...

After the keys are taken away, she calmly crawls over to them. At the end she throws a HINT of a cry in there. But trust me, thats about as far as she goes.

Now.. Kapri.

Am I a horrible mother for thinking this is hilarious?? She THROWS herself at everything.. I can't help but be proud!! I mean, she puts a lot of effort into those tantrums people!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

It comes along once a year..

COUPLES BUNKO!!! In February we always invite the guys along to Bunko.. we figure its a month dedicated to love, right? RIGHT?? Its a good excuse to have a night out together, without the kiddos tagging along.

Most of the guys are "closet players", and are not willing to admit that they look forward to playing once a year. EXCEPT my friend Bree's husband, Chad.. he's a fan and proud of it!! (The rest of them love it too, just have to keep up that tough guy persona. Lame.)

We had delicious food.. delicious dessert, and fantastic prizes!!

All the love birds...

Shonni and Josh

Jalynn and Shawn

Jennifer and Weston

Lindsey and Ben

Lana (a.k.a. my Mama) and Jay

Christine and Jeff

Bree and Chad

Kim and Dustin

Tawnya and Cody

Kim and Travis

We've been playing for about five years now (I think).. and it never gets old.

BUNKO celebrations!!

The whole group.. (with a few mis-behaving boys, darn them)!!

It was so much fun.. I'm already looking forward to next year!!