Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wen to the DOVER!!

Cody's cousin, Kim, (who also happens to be my sister Jalynn's best friend, incase you haven't caught on to this connection yet) invited us to go to Wendover on the fun bus. If you've never ventured out to Wendover on the FUN BUS.. you're missing out. Its all about luxury. You're even served ice cold beverages along the way (nevermind that they're served in styrofoam cups and poured out of a two-liter bottle). They give you a free coupon for dinner, a free cocktail, five FREE bucks to try to get lucky with (FAIL) and a few other coupons. The free dinner you get is a $25 seafood buffet.. the ticket for the fun bus (including those fantastic drinks I told you about).. $15!! They pretty much PAY you to go. In hind sight, I guess they're willing to do this because they're hoping you'll spend your whole paycheck there.. but they must not know me and Cody. We left spending no more than thirty bucks. We're just not big on handing people our money, for FREE. Nope, not for us.

I brought along my crappy camera, and remembered quickly why I never use it anymore. HORRIBLE pictures I tell you.

Right afer we took these two pictures (which btw, don't ask me why the picture of me and Cody got cut in HALF. I don't have an answer), some man came from NO WHERE and told me we couldn't take pictures in there. Whoops.

We walked from one casino to another, mainly cause we were too lazy to wait for the shuttle. Wait, thats not lazy. Thats the opposite of lazy!! Ten points for us!!

We had fun, but I missed my baby. Can you blame me?

Then she started bossing me around.. Hey you.. yeah you!! I want some french fries!!

We brought her back a fairy coloring book. It comes with a marker that magically makes all of the colors appear in the right places. Pure GENIUS.

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