Friday, February 12, 2010

NOT two peas in a pod...

My sister Shonni, and I, are always talking about how different Kapri and Addison are. Addison is laid back, and it takes quite a bit to make her mad. Kapri is at the other end of the spectrum. That girl can throw tantrums like you cannot believe. Can we say DRAMA QUEEN!!!

Now, I'm working on this with her, mainly by completely IGNORING her. (Once I've made sure she's safely made it to the ground without smacking her head.) She usually throws a fit for a moment or two, and then moves on. That is.. unless her Uncle Dustin is there to tease her. And trust me, he TEASES her. Funny, I can think back to a time when he tickled me until I peed my pants.. PURE TORTURE I TELL YOU!!!

Anyway, we decided to document their differences.. and they played it out perfectly for me. Guess our training sessions are going well.. I'm kidding. We don't really train them. Ahem.

Miss Addison will go first...

After the keys are taken away, she calmly crawls over to them. At the end she throws a HINT of a cry in there. But trust me, thats about as far as she goes.

Now.. Kapri.

Am I a horrible mother for thinking this is hilarious?? She THROWS herself at everything.. I can't help but be proud!! I mean, she puts a lot of effort into those tantrums people!!


  1. HAHA.. it's so fun to egg on her tantrums!! Funny that she goes to ASHLYN to save her.. suprise suprise. 8)