Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I just know it.


(Sorry mom.)

I want to blog.  I do. 

The photography biz has taken over my late night computer time.

Ha.  Late night computer time.  Get your minds outta the gutter.

I am in LOVE with taking pictures.. and I am also in love with editing them.  Most of the time.

Editing is a time-sucker.  And Copper is a fun-sucker.

This house is full of suckers.

My kids are clean-suckers.  Meaning... they suck up any ounce of "cleanliness" in this home.

Cody is a coke-sucker.

(the fizzy kind that comes in a 2-liter.  Or a fountain cup.  Depending on whether he has "quit" that day.)

I digress.  I love looking back on my blog and reading about things I've forgotten.  And laughing.  Cause I'm hilarious.  If I don't post things.. what will I have to look back on?  Plus.. you guys must be DYING to read my shiz.  Cause I'm THAT fabulous.


So here I am. With nothing in particular to blog about.

I should probably share some pictures.  Yes.  Thats what I'll do.

Kapri started a dance class in January.  Her cousin Addison is the only other one in the class.  First, we were a little disappointed, since we had wanted it to be a "social" thing.  But, after going to a couple of classes and watching our girls have a hard time following directions, staring at themselves in the mirror THE ENTIRE TIME, shaking their booty while doing a plie (okay, that might just be Kapri) we realized that it might be a good thing that there aren't other distractions.

Their teacher's name is Miss Candace, (I think patience is her middle name.) and the girls LOVE her.

I'm won't lie.  I almost cried during their first class.  The Little Mermaid song "Part of Your World"  came on while they were dancing and I had this PROUD MAMA moment. 

There is no better feeling.

Little Mermaid is my absolute favorite Disney movie.. with Part of Your World being my absolute favorite Disney song.  Seriously.  I can't not sing it if it comes on.

Shonni can vouch for this.

Dancing.  Tutus.  Crowns.  Sparkles.  Wands.  Music.

This little lady is in H.E.A.V.E.N.
Plus, all 36 lbs and 38.5 inches of her have moved on up to a booster seat. 

I am officially the mother of a kid in a booster seat. 

February is bring a friend to class month.  My fabulous friend, Bree, has a fabulous daughter, named Stella.  Addison hurt her foot and missed dance class.. so we brought Stella along.  She wanted to TWIRL the entire class and didn't like being told how to dance, but she LOVED it.

These two girls talked about farts and butts and poop the entire drive.  Followed with crazy giggles.

  It was quite entertaining.

I always pictured putting my girls in dance class.  Its everything I hoped it would be.  I cannot wait to be the mom that is so excited to see her 3 year old dance at the recital.  You know what I'm talking about.  Its not exciting to watch other people's 3 year olds. 

But MINE??  I will probably die of cuteness.

Piper is almost walking.  ALMOST.  Meaning, she could totally walk if she wanted to. 

I just know it.

She is at the CRAZY age where she doesn't want to sit in a high chair, shopping cart, or my arms when we're anywhere but home.  This makes taking her anywhere almost miserable.  ALMOST, because she is absolutely, positively, the CUTEST 11 month old baby. 

 I dare you to second-guess that.

Shonni can vouch for this too.  She wishes Piper was her's.  Going as far as to say "if you get pregnant, I'll have Piper."

I am not pregnant.  Nor do I plan to be in the near future.  :)

Holy. Freak.  I love her.

Monday, February 6, 2012

"MILK", does a burning eye good.

Came upon this today.

I put Kapri in time out when I found it.  She started freaking out and crying, which isn't too far from the norm.  It took me much too long to realize that she had rubbed the hot stuff into her eyes and around her mouth.  She was SCA-REAMING.  The solution?  Milk on a paper towel.  The only positive to this situation was that she sat and snuggled me for a good thirty minutes.  A rare occasion, being that this kid doesn't sit still for longer than thirty seconds.

Hopefully your day was a little LESS exciting than mine.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Effie Grey Photography Awesome-ness

We're doing a giveaway over on our photography blog. 

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Pretty please... with a cherry on top.  Actually.. I don't like cherries.  Lets stick a big ol' snickers bar on top.  Yeah.  Thats better.

(If you don't live in the area, or aren't in the market for pictures, you're welcome to the free session as a gift!!)