Monday, June 13, 2011


This post is going to be random.  Just like me.

Try to keep up.

We had a swimming party at my mom's in April.  My nephew, Preston, was turning 8. 

H-h-h-Happy Birfday!!! 
(Ten points for you if you name the movie.) 

My Top Three...

My niece, Cadence.  Pretty much the definition of adorable.

Cody got all dressed up for me and stained the deck.  He still makes my heart go pitter, patter. 

Kapri and I watched.  From inside. 

My children are seriously scrumptious. 

We found Kapri reading my favorite book ever to Piper.  It pretty much made my day LIFE. 

Piper started smiling around two months.  I've yet to catch a GOOD picture of her grinning, but here is a poor quality one.. for your viewing pleasure.  :)

This little girl's got a pretty good cheeser too.

I'm pretty sure she's saying "cheese" through those pearly whites.

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