Monday, June 13, 2011

Totally worth the twelve dollars.

Fact is, I'm a sucker.  Kapri caught me in a weak moment at the store when she ran up to me yelling "Princess" at the top of her lungs, carrying a Little Mermaid slip 'n slide.  I can't say I even hesitated before I told her "YES, of course you can have the princess slip 'n slide."  Talk about HOURS of entertainment.  For me, of course.

We finally had a warm enough day to whip it out, so we did.

Addison joined in on the fun.  She's one lucky cousin. 

( I wonder if she thinks that when she's getting pummeled by Kapri.)

I think we'll be using the slip 'n slide a lot 'round these parts.

Addison agrees.

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  1. Oh my gosh cutest pictures!!!! Reese got one for her bday! we have been waiting to try it, this post makes me want to do it asap!