Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I'm a total follower.  I read a few blogs that do this whole "tell three random things about yourself, on a tuesday, and call it Three-Tangent-Tuesday."  I am now going to do this.  Just for you.  You're so lucky.

1.  Yesterday, I was telling Kapri to stop chewing on a string that Cody had just cut off of her leggings.  Apparently she ignored me, because I just changed her poopy diaper and I had to pull the string out of her butt. 

2.  I have never been much of an egg person.  In fact, they used to make me sick.  The, have to run to the bathroom very quickly, kind of sick.  I cooked some yesterday for my niece and had one left so I fried it up for me.  HOLY DELICIOUS.  Where have these fried eggs things been all my life.  Now, I am craving eggs, and have none.

3.  My sister Traci is coming to visit from Florida tomorrow.  TOMORROW.  I haven't seen her or her kids since last year.. and I have NEVER seen my new nephew JUDE.  I. Cannot. Contain. My. Excitment. 

I mean, really.

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