Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Bunko!!

We just had our December Bunko last week.. the past couple of years we have decided to change our form of buying prizes, just for this month. Instead of paying our regular ten dollars, and having the host buy all of the prizes, we just each brought a prize, wrapped so no one could see the contents.. well, most of us did. (I'm not naming any names.. he hum.. Britney.) (I'm only teasing.. mostly.)

Poor Cody had to put up with me changing my mind about 8.7 times. I walked around the store and put things in the cart, took things out of the cart, spun in circles, went down the same isles twelve times (I'm pretty sure this is a trait I inherited from my mother, indecisivness). He was a good sport.. and was patient with me until I chose the "winner", which was a glass cake platter that can also be used as a punch bowl. I have one, and love it. Then... as he excitedly (is that a word) pushed the cart towards the front of the store to the registers.. I said "STOP!! We need bread!!" The look of disappointment on his face was priceless.. he just wanted to leave the store and go home!!

Wow.. now that I took up twenty minutes of your life explaining my trip to the store.. we'll move on to bigger, more important things... like dinner. Mmmmmm... Jalynn made a delicious homeade chicken pot pie. I pretty much just wanted to eat the puff pastrey off the top.. heaven. (I wonder if people really care to hear what we ate, and how much I enjoyed it.)

I, of course, walked around with my camera and forced people to look happy for a picture. I threatened their very livelyhood if they wouldn't cheese it.

Speaking of taking pictures.. Come on people.. just look at the camera and SMILE dang it!!

But no.. they're too busy giggling. So I'm posting this laughing/eating/closed eyes picture to prove a point. If you would just cooperate for the 3.5 seconds it takes to get take a picture.. well, it'd be a better picture. But no.

Here's another perfect example of two grown adults (well, sort of) trying their hardest to be serious for a picture.

First picture.. Bree can't cooperate.

Second picture.. Britney pulls a cheeser.

Third picture.. Bree has a laughing fit.

Ahhhh... now THATS what I'm talkin' about!!

After dinner we started rollin' the dice. Oh the BUNKOS!! People were rolling Bunkos one after the other!! It made for an exciting, and very loud, night!!

After the game was over we had dessert.. it always comes back to the food. She made a delicious, I believe, egg nog cake with caramel drizzled over the top. I have yet to find anything that wasn't good that had caramel on it. Oh the caramel, that heavenly caramel!! Excuse me.. got a little carried away for a second there.

As we sat down to oogle over the prizes, Jalynn explained that we were going to start with the biggest "LOSER" and work our way up to the "WINNER". (Even though, technically, there are no losers cause we all go home with something.. the joy of Bunko!!) So the person with the lowest points picked first. Then the second lowest.. and so on.

It was Jalynn's turn and I may have mentioned that I thought she would love my prize (then about had a heart attack when she chose it because I was afraid I was wrong). She loved it.. I knew it.

Oh, I didn't mention.. you were able to steal someone's already opened prize, or get a new one. So as we're going along.. no one is stealing!! Every one would hum haw.. look at all the opened prizes and then go to get a wrapped one. Until... Jenni (she's my friend Deana's, mom's, friend's, daughter.) saved the day!! She stole Jalynn's cake platter, much to her dismay!! Once she had the guts to steal.. everyone else started stealing, which made for a much more exciting game. My sister-in-law, Kim, ended up stealing Bree's (my hot friend, if I were a guy...) gift, which was some cute christmas mugs and dish towels. So then what was Bree to do? She stole the cake platter from Jenni of course!! I'm tellin' ya, my gift was a hot one!! I think it would have continued to be the "hot item" until Jalynn put a damper on the game and said each item could only be switched twice. Ahhhh... but really, it was a good rule, I guess.

Kim Fitch (who happens to be Cody's cousin... and also the negotiator of our first blind date) ended up stealing her own prize from Nanette.. which created an uproar of hootin' and hollerin'. I couldn't believe she did it!! Poor Kim probably didn't sleep that night, she was frettin' over stealing her own prize.

The best part of the night, you ask? Britney (she is my friend Bree's sister) was the last person to choose a prize, there was one un-opened prize, and 11 visible ones she could choose from. After much oogling, and oohing and awwing.. she ended up with a bracelet/watch.

(I can't remember who she stole it from.) One of those ones you can switch out the faces and bands. She pointed out that she collects them and this one would bring her up to four!! She held it up in the air in triumph!! Then almost as quickly as she sat down and put the watch on, Nanette (who works with my mom and helped us make freaking delicious tamales a few weeks earlier) swooped in and took it away!!

Britney's face was utter disappointment. She was pretending to cry, but I think there may have been real tears in there!!

Phew.. that was a lot of info.. sorry if I've scared people away. Ten points to anyone who pushed through all that utter nonsense and made it to this point!!

It was a night to remember.. I laughed more in those three hours than I have in the last month!! (I think that may be partly to the fact that I started working from home a month ago, and I needed some "out of the house, adult time"!!)

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  1. That was a really fun Bunko. I loved it and by the way the cake platter is fabulous. I have little fake christmas treats calling it home right now!