Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Santa Clause Came to Town!!!

I'll admit, I was really sick Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, and I was not feeling the Christmas Spirit.. but once we got Kapri out of bed (we woke her up at 8 in the morning, she'd have slept 'til 11 if we let her) and brought her downstairs I got over myself not feeling great. I love this first picture of her after we put her in front of her ball popper.. she has a look on her face that says "you got me outta bed for THIS??"

Once she realized the awesomeness of it, she decided it was pretty alright. She hasn't stopped playing with it since.

David always adds a bit of fun, craziness to the mix. He gave me "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and I absolutely love it.. how could I not have seen it before??!!

Kapri wasn't too fond of opening presents.. even after we would tear a piece of the wrapping paper she didn't get the point. Luckily, I had put about half of her presents in bags.

We had delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast.. I had thought about making them myself.. but then I resorted to buying the premade Rhodes ones.. they were pretty delicious. After breakfast we played a little Wii.. and even squeezed in a nap.

We went to Cody's mom's for dinner. Kapri is wearing a dress that Ma (Cody's Grandma) had brought back from Germany. I thought it was perfect for Christmas day!!

It was a very relaxing, and fun Christmas this year... Cody even went as far as to say this was his absolute favorite Christmas since we've been together. Now, how am I going to top that next year??

MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family to your's!!!

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