Saturday, December 19, 2009

Errr.. gingerbread messes.

Shonni, Josh and Addison came over to have dinner and make gingerbread houses. It was chaos, as usual. Shonni and I were also trying to finish up on some last minute projects/gifts.. and we never seem to give ourselves enough time for anything. We are also great at forgetting/losing things. I hope Kapri and Addison grow up to be a little more sane, and organized. But wait.. what fun would that be?

The girls were chilaxin', watching "Little People's Christmas". It didn't last long though, there was too much other stuff to get into.

Josh read them a couple of bedtime stories.. I think Addison was having some jealousy issues.

After we put the girls to bed we started on our gingerbread houses. Scratch that.. me, Shonni and Josh started on them. Cody crashed on the couch.. he missed out.

It was A LOT messier than I had expected. Also, it took a lot longer than I thought it would. Too bad I didn't have a partner to share the work. (Ahem, sleeping Cody.)

Here's Shonni and Josh's house.

And this AWESOME piece of art, is mine.

The trick is.. you see.. only look at it for about three seconds. Then you won't notice the crooked lines and drooping candy.

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  1. Oh heck your houses are darling! mine waa like from the ghetto compared to yours! how fun.