Sunday, December 19, 2010

Healthy snacks.. bwah ha ha.

Kapri was BEGGING me to make cookies. I kept telling her that I need to be healthy, and that cookies aren't good for my bootylicious body right now. She insisted... so, we made cookies. (If you believed, or atleast PRETENDED to believe that bull crap story, thank you.) But not just ANY cookies...

The BEST Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, like EVER.

By the end, we were covered in flour.. along with all of the silverware in the drawer, thanks to one minor mishap.

We ate some (okay, ALOT)of the delicious dough.. don't you judge me.

Then I baked late into the night to get them done. We were going to a party the next day, and I thought I'd bring some to share. UNFORTUNATELY, Spanky had other plans. Plans that included EATING my all of my cookies. Seriously.

As a little side note, I'd like to share this last picture with you. This is one of Kapri's famous looks. I'll happily give you an example: I say "Kapri, come right back here and give me back those bacon bits that I've taken away from you twelve times today." She says nothing, just gives me this look. As if to say "I don't know what you're talking about, you big dumb idiot." Or in the actual case of this picture.. when I repremanded her for putting her entire spoon of cookie dough into her milk.

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  1. Spanky really ate all the cookies?!?!?!? Oh that dog...If he's not careful he will be looking for a new home! At least you got to eat a little (a lot) of the dough before he ate the cooked ones right? :)
    Cute pictures too BTW :)