Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pictures, pictures, PICTURES!!!

So.. my new obsession.. taking pictures. I do it in the day, I do it in the night, I probably even do it in my sleep. I will probably have six kids, just so I always have "on hand" models. I haven't shared that bit of information with Cody quite yet.

The other day we took Jalynn's girls Taelor, Ashlyn and Cadence out for a photoshoot. We got some AMAZING pictures that I'm thrilled about. So I will share a few with you. We haven't done any editing yet, still trying to figure out photoshop, so these are just straight out of the camera. Grab a towel.. to wipe up your drool of course.




You have no idea the torture that I just brought upon myself. Trying to choose just a few pictures out of the nine hundred that we took... sooooo difficult.

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