Monday, March 30, 2009

Kapri and Addison's Blessing..

I love my MAMA!! (She told me so, incase you were wondering how I might know such a thing!!!)
Thank you for blessing me Uncle Shawn!! (No his eyes are not closed for all of you wondering. We took about ten pictures and his eyes are the least closed in this one.)
The girls with Grandpa Cliff. I tell ya, it was like taking the picture of a three year old. I'd say look at the camera and smile, he'd start talking or look away, or laugh. He's lucky we even got one worth showing.. darn him.

Secretly, I think he's her favorite. She told me that too.
Team McPherron, we kick butt in the "coolness" contest.
Kapri with Grandma and Grandpa Wanke.
The girls with Aunt Kristi.
Grandma and Papa!!

In the end, it was a day full of delicious food, crazy family and cute babies!!

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