Sunday, March 22, 2009

Big dogs, small dogs, fat dogs, skinny dogs...

So last Sunday we ventured out to West Jordan to see the new dog park, which by the way is GINORMOUS!! Kelley and Elizabeth (Cody's cousins) met us there with Louie and Coal.. and Deana (my bestie) came with Lucky. Other than the gosh darn wind it was a gorgeous day. And, surprise surprise, we brought along the new camera. Cause whats a girl to do with a new camera? Take millions of pictures of course.

Spanky begging me to throw the ball..

"Spanky, what do we do before I throw the ball?"

"Good Boy!!" Ooh ooh, I'm so excited. Throw it, throw it!! (If you have met my dog you would understand that at this point he is DYING for me to throw the ball.)

He can't even wait for me to throw it before he takes off.

And he's off.. to fetch the ball.. again, and again.

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