Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pin the what, on the WHAT??

My baby is two. Now...if you ask her, she's ONE. (Please imagine her, in all her STINKING cuteness, holding up one chubby finger.) We're trying to teach her to say two now.. but, lets just say, she's a little stubborn.

On her actual birthday, we went to Chuck-e-Cheese. Grandma Annie and Grandpa Frank came along for the fun.

The entertainment, games and prizes didn't disappoint. BUT.. the food is a whole different story, not good. Not good at all.

On Friday night we had a big party with the fam and a few friends. There was food involved, bowling on the Wii, pinning the feather on the turkey, LOTS of presents and loads of FUN!! People can't help but have fun when we're around.

It was also our cousin David's birthday.. the big THREE OH!! Yep.. you read it right, THIRTY. We were happy to celebrate with him.

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