Thursday, June 17, 2010

Look up the word "crazy" in the dictionary. There will be a picture of my face.

UPDATE: I started this post a while ago. So.. it wasn't really this last weekend.. it was a few weekends ago. But I don't have time to go back and re-write it. Deal with it... pretty please.

Last weekend was a crazy one.. we had a lot planned. I have a problem. Its called "I don't wanna miss out on anything." Doctors call it Learn To Say No Syndrome. A.k.a. LTSNS. In other words, I DRIVE CODY NUTS.

I plan too much, in too little time. Then we're rushed, and enjoy ourselves less. Its something I'm trying to work on. My sister, Shonni, and I are the worst. Put us together and chaos ensues.

Anyway, back to my post. Last weekend was crazy.. blah blah blah. Here is a quick overview for you. Pics included, cause my name is Tawnya, and I take far too many.

On Saturday afternoon my niece Taelor came over to get some pictures taken. She needed a headshot for cosmetology school and they asked me to take them for her. (They asked is a loose term. They know I would cry if they didn't.) You can see a few of those pictures HERE on my other blog.

That evening we went to Cody's mom's house to celebrate my sister-in-law, Ashley's, birthday.

I always bring something to contribute to dinner, ALWAYS. I just think its the nice thing to do. Well, this time, Cody REFUSED to stop at the store. He was driving, and the driver is boss. He said we didn't always need to bring something. So.. guess what. Have you guessed? You got it. They ended up scrounging for other things to go with the meal because they were probably expecting me to bring something. (Again, I ALWAYS do. So they were right to assume.) Oh man, Cody was in big trouble. FIRED!!! He'll never win that argument again.

Kapri played outside the entire time.

That kid would probably sleep outside if I'd let her. Cody's mom had asked if she could have a sleep over.. and although its tough for me to let her (seperation ANXIETY, I need my baby with me!!) I agreed to it. Its good for her, and me too, I guess.

I made Cody take pictures with me. We're never in them together because one of us is always behind the camera.

This kid is ALWAYS smiling!!

Kapri and Taisha ready for their sleepover!!

The next day we went and picked up Kapri and headed down to my Mom's for a bbq at 1. After we hung out there for a while we went to my friend Deana's house for a bbq. (Refer to the above section where I talk about planning TOO much.)

Doesn't Deana look HOT with bangs!!

We were pooped by the end of the day, but enjoyed the company!!

My sister, Kristi, had asked if she could spend the night. So when we got home we were greeted by four dogs and three extra kids. Kristi brought her new dog with her, and once I saw him, I begged for her to give him to me. They named the poor thing Rage(sigh). Ahhh.. he loves me. He was practically pleading with me to keep him.

Phew.. that was a doozie.

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