Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sore cheeks.

And I'm not talking about my derriere.

My sister, Traci, was here visiting from Florida for the last few weeks.  This, of course, meant that I was also on vacation for three weeks.  Thats how it works, right?  RIGHT? 

Tap, tap.  This thing on???

They went home last Saturday.  Come back.  My house cleaning can wait. 

While they were here, we did a PLETHORA of activities.  Literally.  I think we scared them away.  We had a multitude of bbq's.  Played games.  Did obstacle courses.  Relaxed  Partied it up.

We even went on a vacation to Vegas and California.  (Post on that to come... some time.  I didn't bring my camera.  DER.)  So, what that basically means, is that Traci went on a vacation IN a vacation.  Can you imagine?  Beat that Kardashians

I am now going to post a whole bunch-a pictures.  I might choose to write captions.  I may not.  This is my blog, after all.  If you don't like it, click that there little X up in the corner.

Wait.  I was kidding.  Please come back.

Picture, numero UNO.

JUUUUUUDDE!!!  I have nothing to say about this little boy, EXCEPT, that he is the most edible, delicious, freakin' stinkin' CUTEST little boy ever.  AMEN. 

The other night, we were debating what nick name to use for Piper.  Kapri happily offered up "JUUUUUUUDEEEE!!"  Um, sugar plum, that one's taken.

I don't know why I get her dressed anymore.  She always has something better to wear.  FASHION DIVA I tell ya.

Not a dull moment with this child around. 

 I love every bit of this baby. Drool and all.

This next part is pretty much AMAZING.  Human Rubber Band.  That is the only explanation I am giving you.  You can figure out the rest by browsing through these next few photos.

Wait.  You need more?  If you insist.

Traci wins for best Human Rubber Band pictures. 

My brother-in-law, Jesse (he likes to be called Jessica), set up an obstacle course for us.  I thought I'd suck, but guess what, I didn't.  BIG surprise to me.

Next, we played water balloon volleyball. Yes, we're THAT cool.
Oh look, there's Jessica now.

I mean, seriously.  We know how to have fun.

Just one last thing. 

This is my big, tough, used to hold me down and tickle me until I peed my pants, brother.  The one who is always saying "babies, yuck". 

We all know that deep down you're just a big SUCKER.

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