Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A few of my favorite things...

  • When you get the "free" ones when you're eating sunflowers seeds.  You know, the ones you don't have to do any work for.

  • When your kid looks at you sadly and asks where Bambi's mother went.. but when you start explaining (as well as you can to a three year old) she gets distracted.  SQUIRREL.

  • When you find a sippy under the couch.. and while plugging your nose (and silently praying).. open it, only to find it had WATER in it.  Can I get a hallelujah??!!

  • When you thought you lost your lip gloss, then your sister finds it, then you lose it again... only to find it on the seat when you get in the car.  Apparently my butt ate it... then spit it out while I was driving.  Cause it WAS NOT there before.

  • When the sheet comes off of the corner of the mattress (bleck.. yuckily, yuck... so gross.. I might die..) but you realize its loose enough that you can pull it back over the corner without having to wake your snoring, sometimes gets angry when he's bugged in the middle of the night, husband to fix it.

  • When you open the dryer to put in wet clothes.. only to find a load of fresh, dry, needs to be folded laundry.  But, oh, guess what!!??  Its towels!!  Thank the heavens above.. its only towels!!

  • Coming downstairs in the morning to a clean kitchen/family room.  There's nothin' funny about that.

  • Making a deposit at the bank, reading the receipt.. wondering why on earth we have such a small amount of money in our bank account.. having a heart attack, then realizing you put the money into the savings account.  Celebrating.. then crying because your "savings" is so sad. -- Okay, so this is a bittersweet one.

  • Run-on sentences.


  1. yay for updating. made my night

  2. Thank you. Totally agree with some of those... Particularly the sippy cup one. And I don't know if you noticed but run on sentences really are my favorite, I mean they are the best, I just love them.