Monday, February 2, 2009

Kapri and Addie

So.. Shonni and I are always coming up with ideas for pictures to take. I'll post some pics so you have an idea of our craziness. The other day we decided to take pics of the girls in their matching purple pajamas. Here's the deal, Addison is Miss "move me around, flip me upside down, twirl me in circles and I'll still be good" baby. Kapri thinks she is Miss Queen. So pretty much everything revolves around her.. so if she's happy and content we jump on it and take the pics. Well, Kapri ate and decided she wanted to take a nap. Shonni was insisting that we hurry because Addison was going to be going to sleep and she wanted her awake in the pictures. Here's my thoughts.. I would rather have Kapri happy and Addison asleep, than have Kapri crying and Addison awake. Is this selfish? I think not... Shonni disagrees.

Well, Kapri was happy as can be when she woke up for her nap.. so we positioned them and attemped waking Addison up (because of course she had fallen asleep by this point).. it was IMPOSSIBLE. We tried everything to wake her up.. by the time we finally saw a glimpse of her eyeballs Kapri was NOT happy anymore.. hence the crying in some of the pictures. Anyway.. we finally got some good ones, we just don't agree on which picture is the cutest. I say the one where Kapri is smiling and Addison is sleeping, Shonni thinks the one where Kapri's head is slumped over.. and Addison is happy as can be, is the best. Its a dilemma that we can work out, but funny none the less. I know this post is a little sloppy, crazy and doesn't make much sense.. but I just wanted you to feel the way we feel when we're doing these dumb things.

I have come to realize that it would probably be much easier to go to a studio and have someone else take the pictures, but whats the fun in that? Plus we've actually gotten some really good ones!!!

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  1. K, so i like the one that kapri is happy and addi is asleep! so peaceful looking. you guys do a good job, no need to go to a studio!!