Monday, February 2, 2009

My very first post...

Kapri is kicking happily in her brand new frog and duckie bouncer, and I've sat down with my toast and hot cocoa to write my very first blog. I haven't quite figured out all the knick-knacks, but I figure I can give it a try.

Let me start off by telling you that I AM the funniest person in the world, atleast in my mind. So, humor me. If you think that I would be laughing, please do the honorable thing, laugh with me. If I ask you at a later date if you thought something was funny, LIE TO ME and just say it was. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little white lie, right?

I really have nothing too exciting to write about today, the most exciting thing that has happened lately was my dog pooping in my shoe.. Full on squatting and taking a dump in my BRAND NEW WHITE TENNIS SHOES!!! Yep, you might ask why I would own and animal that would do such a thing. Well, I can't give you an answer. One minute I want to throw my dogs in the garbage, and the next minute they do something cute enough to get them out of the "dog-house", no pun intended. Wait.. yes a pun was intended, cause that was freaking hilarious!! (Perfect example of a time that you should be laughing along with me!!) I went and bought a brand new pair of the exact same shoes, because there was no way I was going to be walking around in a pooped in shoe, even if it has been cleaned out thoroughly. With my luck, my foot would sweat and the stench would reach out to all corners of the world!!

One more crazy thing that happened to us over the weekend.. we have been casually talking about getting new cars. First it started out with me, I had an HHR. The "Hoodie Hoo Rah". I attemped to go to the dog park with Kapri and the dogs. Here's the problem, Cody, Kapri, me and the dogs, along with a stroller, wouldn't fit in the car. Whats a girl to do? Trade it in for a Mercury Mountaineer, right? So we did. Then Cody decided he hates driving stick in traffic all day, and its a pain to take the guys at work to lunch in a two door. Whats a boy to do? Trade it in for a 4 door Ford Fusion of course. We went to the dealership on Saturday with the intention of "looking" at cars, and left with two. I know its crazy.. but thats how we roll.

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  1. you are freakin' hilarious!! so keep 'em coming!! i still want to see some pic's of the new cars... you know me and cars!! kapri is so cute!! can't wait to see more pics of her cute little chubber cheeks!!