Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DECK the halls with boughs of holly!!

So, first off, I just want EVERYONE to know that I have the greatest cousin ever!! On this planet, in this world.. heck, in the UNIVERSE!!! Jared.. let me count the ways I appreciate you!!

We have lived here for two years now.. and until now, had the lamest backyard on the block. When we first moved in there were wood chips all out back, but dogs and wood chips don't mix too well. Dogs=Pee=STANK!!! We got rid of the wood chips and have just had dirt and weeds since then.

When we went to California this summer I saw some handy work, in the form of a deck, that Jared had built in his garden. I asked him if he would wanna come build one for me. He agreed.. and said his only requirements were that I stocked up on gatorade. DEAL!!

So.. he came to Utah and built me a deck. (I wonder how many times the word "deck" will be used in this post. So far.. 4.) He did it quick, efficiently, and marvelously.

Here are a couple before pics..

The frame.. (I guess that's what you'd call it)

Notice the above mentioned "gatorade".. I held up my end of the deal. Not to mention he got a couple of GREAT steak dinners while he was here.. and pancakes.

THEN.. he got a sliver.. or a splinter if you ask him. Puhtato, Puhtotto.

It was a big one.. and between his surgical skills and my tweezing skills, we got it out. Then he was right back to work.

...and TA DA!! We caught Jared just finishing up..

We told him to pose for us, and this is all we got..

After a little bit of direction he got more confidence and gave us this great pose..

Here's a picture of the deck after I put the first coat of "weatherproofing" stuff on it.

Let me just tell you all of the "restrictions" this stuff gives you. You can't put it on if its 90 degrees or hotter.. hello every day right now. You are supposed to do two coats within 48 hours of eachother (I won't mention that I did the first coat last Thursday and still have not completed the second coat. Its now Tuesday.) Oh, and the greatest of all, don't do it if you expect rain within 24 hours. Now, I wasn't expecting rain, per say. But, the sprinklers do come on everyother night and they hit my back yard. It was nearly impossible to follow those directions. So I didn't.

PS.. he also built me a great little "garden box".. so I can plant tomatoes and cucumbers and such next year. I still haven't weatherproofed that either, but atleast I can take it in my garage and omit all of the other "problems" I was having to deal with.


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