Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obviously, I'm a slacker...

I haven't been posting anything lately, mainly due to the lack of time, computer usage and.. well life. Life has been keeping me busy. Cody has been working from home for the last three weeks while his car was getting fixed. The transmission went out and Ford was hum hawing about paying for it. No worries.. three weeks and a lot of STRESS later, we have our car back. And its running better than ever. Cody uses our computer to work, obviously, which prevents me from using it. Sure, we have a lap top, but its a pain in my butt and.. okay, I could sit here and give a million excuses, but I'm not gonna. I'm going to sum up the last month or so in a short (yeah right) post.. maybe two, or three. We'll see how long the kid sleeps, not to mention, my house is a total wreck.

So... Kapri has two teeth!! Yep, chompers!! She's eating all sorts of foods now.. and is the best chewer!! I very rarely have choking scares with her, thank goodness. She has been sleeping through the night for quite a while now.. at six months she was sleeping from 8 or 8:30 until 7 in the morning. The older she gets the more she sleeps. Now going about 12 hours a night.. lucky me!! In fact, this morning she slept until 10!!

She is crawling now, getting into everything. She's also pulling herself up on anything she can get to.. coffee table, entertainment center, dishwasher.. me!! That kid is everywhere. She's had her fair share of tumbles.. even got her first bruise from wacking her head the other day. Does every parent have a fear that people are going to think they beat their child because of all the bruises??

She's VERY patient with me and my crazy picture taking obsession..

She puts up with me.. until she can't take it anymore.

We went camping with my family.. and I'm happy to say there were no bear sightings this time around. Just a crazy "foreign language" speaking LOUD group of folk that were up until the wee hours of the morning. Oh, and some punk kids that were walking around with a homeade torch.. at one point we heard another camper yell at them to get out of their campsite. Jalynn was in all sorts of a panic the rest of the night, she thought they were after our vanilla wafers.

I can't believe its already September.. my baby is gonna be one in two and a half months.. sniff sniff. I'm excited for the weather to cool off and can't wait for October, which just happens to be my FAVORITE month!!

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