Monday, February 7, 2011

Disclosure: this post involves POOP.

Yesterday was one of the BEST and one of the WORST days in recent history.

First, I'll tell you the bad. And man was it BAD. The day before, I had bought some fabulous GREEN nail polish to support our Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. I painted Kapri's nails and toes and my nails. Then, Cody caught word of our adventures, and wanted in on the fun. So, we painted his nails too. (I haven't been able to take a thing he does/says seriously. Plus, I think he has been acting a little more feminine with his green manicure.) This wasn't the bad part, nope, not even close.

Ready for this?? I left the nail polish on the bathroom counter.

In plain sight... Kapri's sight, to be exact.

She was in her room playing, quietly (RED FLAG) for a while, and I decided I should check on her. She was COVERED in green nail polish. Head to toe. If it was within a 3 foot radius of her, it was GREEN. Her hair, pajamas, legs, bed, carpet.

I stood there, in shock. Its one of those messes that you look at and think "where do I even start?" Cody came in, sighed, and I handed her off to him, with a quick "stick her in the tub". I attempted to clean up the mess.

I then realized that it was after 3. We had a Super Bowl (YAY) party to go to at 4:30, and I still had veggies to cut up. So I headed downstairs...

What to my wondering eyes should appear... but lots of dog DIARREAH. Runny. Poop. (Incase you had forgotten what it was.)

I spent the next half an hour scrubbing a 5 foot radius of my carpet. (Because of course he didn't just do it in one spot, that'd be too nice.)

At one point I heard Cody yelling at Kapri, who was still in the tub. She decided to empty an entire bottle (see previous post here) of shampoo into the water. Apparently she didn't think the day was eventful enough.

We somehow managed to clean up our messes, make ourselves decent, and make it over to our friends' house for some FOOTBALL!!

I wish I could say that those 8 chins don't really reside underneath my chin, but sadly, they do.

Look close, real close. You can see remnants of nail polish on her hand. Stinker.

Oh yeah, in case you missed it.


Whats that? You need a closer look??

You're welcome.

Can I even tell you the excitement?? I have been a loyal fan since I met Cody.. I'm now a fan for life. And then some.

Cody was REALLY excited at this point.
Oh, and look REALLY close, you can see his green fingernails.


The moral of the story: When life gives you lemons... or nail polish/poop messes... just eat the damn lemons (but please don't eat the nail polish or poop).. cause if you're lucky, your team will win the Super Bowl!!!

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  1. OMG OMG OMG Kapri.....I am sorry but I can only take Piper when your parents bite the dust. LOL That is CRAZY. SO SO SO sorry. I would be fuming. your superwoman. Love the lemon sentiment. Yay greenbay (like I even care)