Friday, February 4, 2011

Goodbye naps...

Hello cranky pregnant mother.

I live for naps.

I breath for naps.

I crave naps.

Don't get me wrong... I LOVE KAPRI.

More than I love Caramello candy bars AND Cherry Coke, plus MORE.

I mean, really, who couldn't love a face like that??

Its just that, well... shes a lot to handle. And I'm tired. Busy cookin' up this second kid of mine thats going to be making an appearance in two months. Less than two months really, cause February jips us.

I am a better mother when I get a few minutes (hours preferably) without her constantly asking me to change her tutu, or get a doll un-stuck from the newest space she's found. Or, her newest fascination.. dumping shampoo bottles on dogs while they're sleeping.

(Copper got an un-planned bath today, thanks to this new hobby of hers.)

Anyhoo.. at the end of December we changed her crib into a toddler bed. She wasn't crawling out of her crib yet, which makes me wonder what on earth we were thinking. Actually, here's what we were thinking... The baby is coming soon. The furniture in Kapri's room, crib included, will be passed on to this little one. I'm pretty sure Kapri is going have a hard time transitioning when we bring home a baby, and we didn't want to make it worse by giving that "stranger" her bed too.

The first time I put her in her bed she looked over the edge in wonder. I know exacty what she was thinking... "They know I'm just gonna climb right outta this bed, right?"

And she did.

Over and over and over again.

After a week in her toddler bed, we re-did the office for her new room. We decided to skip the whole toddler bed phase, and just went right to a twin bed.

(Which, coincidentally, is a bed that has been in our family for YEARS. I slept in it when I was younger, when it was part of a bunk bed.)

Here we are, over a month later, and she is still getting out of her bed over and over and OVER again. Well, most nights anyway. The last four nights she has actually stayed in there the first time.

Can I get a HALLELUJAH!!!


What is this post about???

Oh yeah, naps. That part of the day that allowed me to re-fresh (and actually get my work done) is now almost non-existent. We have tried, on numerous occasions, to get her to nap in her room. After two hours of putting her back in her bed (sometimes even locking her in there) we have to give up.

Insert BIG sigh.

Sometimes, when we're lucky, she'll fall asleep in our bed watching a movie. But this usually happens in the late afternoon and we have to wake her up so she'll actually go to bed that night.

I know she isn't ready to give up her afternoon naps. She has proved this to me every evening at about 6 pm .

One of the great things that has come from this new room... she plays in there for HOURS. She loves her new space and is always closing the door in my face to get some privacy.

Apparently, mothers are NOT allowed.

Please don't take this post as a way for me to complain about her. She really is the puddin' to my pie. In fact, as I type this, her and Cody are in our bed snuggling. He's tickling her, and she's saying "Daddy, daddy, DADDY... hehe hehehe Daddy!!" Its the best sound in the world, and I wouldn't change it for anything.


  1. This post gave me Chills....Love it. So bittersweet mother hood is !!

  2. I feel ya! I was the same way at the end of my pregnancy, and our kids are going to be about the same age difference! Sadly, in our case, the naps are gone completely. She used to fall asleep in the car, but now that is gone too!! Luckily, they get old enough to put in their own movies and entertain themselves!!!