Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kapri is pretty good at entertaining herself.. especially since she has recently found her feet. She'll spend an hour spinning herself in circles on her back. Today I laid down a blanket, gave her a few toys and headed in the bathroom for a quick shower. When I got out, no more than ten minutes later, I heard her fussing. Not screaming people.. I wouldn't even call it a cry. A small, un-happy with something, fuss. So I hurried and dried off, (I apologize if this, in any way, has caused you to picture me wet and naked.. ha ha, I'm sure if you weren't thinking it before, you are now. My apologies.) and came running to her rescue. Or walking, it was only a fuss, afterall.

Here's what I found...

The poor kid had pulled her headband down over her eyes. (Please stop commenting on how headbands are a choking hazard.. and I should never leave her alone with one.) I pulled the headband back into its place, and she went on playing.

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