Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Really Mom.. more pictures?

Yes Kapri, more pictures. I can't help it remember, shutterfingeropolis. Or something like that. Its a real disease. Look it up.

So the other day we were waiting for Josh and Shonni to meet us for pictures and I decided to take some of Kapri. Don't act surprised. I'm very predictible at this point.

Anyhoo.. she's sittin' up like its nothin'. Like she's been doing it all along. She does really well until she see's that rattle to her left.. and she leans. Then she's a gone-er.

I wonder.. if when she's older.. will she look at her friends and wonder why their mom's aren't constantly taking pictures of them. Whats wrong with them mommy? Why doesn't their mom love them as much as you love me?? Because you see, that is why I take pictures of her.. and that is what I will tell her. It goes along with all those other "mommy sayings" I cannot wait to say. Examples: Because I said so!!! Because I'm the mom!!

Oh the things I have to look forward to!!


  1. your pics are looking good! maybe i shoudl recruit you to take a few of the girls

  2. Hey Tawnya its Shonni's friend Kara from the old 6th ward, I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog!!