Monday, August 17, 2009

The other day we ventured out to take some pictures of my niece Taelor.. she has to have a picture for drill. I was, of course, more than happy to take them. We went to this fantastic field up in Highland/Lehi.. and were getting some great pictures. Then we went to Pleasant Grove to get some pics by an old truck and bus. What sucks is when I got there I realized that my camera had been on the "close up" setting the entire time!! (Shows how great of a photographer I am not.. yet.) I couldn't figure out why it wasn't focusing right, and thats why. When you look at the images in the camera you can't tell they aren't in focus cause they're so small.. you don't find out until later when you view them on your computer. I still got some great ones.. haven't shown her yet, so we might be going back out for more.

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite.. she can't really use it for drill but I still LOVE it.

Isn't she PERDY??!!


  1. she is such a cutie! I am going to pretend that she isn't all grown up shes still like 9 right!

  2. Those are awesome photos.

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