Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween PARTAY!!!

We had our annual Halloween Party on October 17th.. it was a great turnout!!

Mario, Princhess Peach and Toadette!!
(Josh, Shonni and Addison)

Pig in a blanket!!
Woody, Scream dude and a freaking cute clown!!
(Corgan , Preston and Justice)

Pionette Mama, Uh.. we'll call him mustache man, Punk Chick, Broncos Fans and Rose Princess!!
(Jalynn, Shawn, Ashlyn, Trevor, Cadence and Taelor.)

Care Bear, Hippie, Wolverine and a lady bug!!
(Reese, Bree, Chad and Stella.)

Purple dude, Gnome, dragon dude, popcorn man and Thing One/Thing Two!!
(Jonathan, Dustin, Conner, Braeden, Kim and Lynsie.)

Kitty Cats!!
(Holly and Sam)

Bat Chick, Motocross Chick, Dang cute BEAR chick, Witch Chick!!
(Kaci, cute girl I don't know, Jenni and Chris) (a.k.a. Josh's fam!!)

Jamaican and Cowboy!!
(Dad and Bob) (They want me to clarify... they're not gay, not that there's anything wrong with that!! Haha.. guess you had to be there.)

Its a WHO.. and the cutest dang Monster EVER!!!
(Tawnya and Kapri.. Cody was home sick.)

My sincerest apologies to anyone who's name I spelled wrong or who's costume I incorrectly guessed!! :) I may be the awesome-est person you know, but I'm not perfect, only close to it.

This is what I deal with every time I try to take this man's picture.. Just LOOK AT THE CAMERA AND SMILE already!!!

(Wait..What? You want me to do what?)
Oh look.. a good one.. dang you Addison, could you please not blink!! Its not like your eyes will dry up and fall out of socket if you don't ever blink... haha, funny.. but sad when I say it to her cute little tiny-ness.)

...of course the one where both girls look cute he's not looking at the camera at all.. sigh.

We danced to the Monster Mash to show off our costumes for the contest... all the "lame-o's" just sat and watched the "coolio's" show off their moves.

Kapri was NOT impressed with my dunking skills.

We played the mummy game.. which has become a tradition.

It was really fun in my opinion.. and my opinion means a lot in these here parts.


  1. So cute and FUN!! I'm sad Halloween's already over.. CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR!!

  2. Thanks for commenting... but I guess you pretty much had to cause I threatened your life. HAHA!!

  3. So cute! Wish we could have been there...Our costumes would have blown yours out the water:) (I commented on my own, no life threat was in order) MISS YOU GUYS