Sunday, October 11, 2009

My cousin Jamie and her husband Scott came to visit last weekend and it was so much fun to see them!! If I remember right, I haven't seen them in over three years. Way too long.. I always love Jamie's humor and her off the wall comments (we have a similar sense of humor and often embarass the people we are with).

We hounded Jamie before she came, asking her what she wanted to do when she got here. What she wanted to eat, who she wanted to see. She had two basic requests: WINGERS!!! was the first.

We all happily agreed, of course. Its one of our favorite places to eat, after all!!

Her second request was to relax and hang out with everyone. We in turn, took that as "veg out". Isn't that what you meant Jamie? Cause I swear I ate more in that weekend then I did the entire week before!!!

Now.. the whole reason Jamie wanted to take this picture is because her purple shoes matched Kapri's outfit.. BUT you can't even see them in the picture. So.. I'm adding this one, just so you can see them in all their glory!!

On Sunday morning we had brunch.. what? More food? Okay, if you insist. After that we went on a drive around the Alpine Loop.. can we say B-E-A-UTIFUL!!! Like ridiculous. The American Fork canyon side was pretty, you saw a little red here and there.. but when you come down on the Sundance side... BREATHTAKING!!! I will officially NEVER move to a state without autumn. It was raining/snowing outside and we still had to get out and cut off some branches of the leaves.. we are officially "Crazy-Leaf-Pickers" and proud of it.

And then they left us... something about going back to warmer (HOTTER) weather in Arizona. Why they would want to leave Utah, when its at its PEAK time of year I'll never know!!

Miss you guys already!!

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