Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cake and Seinfeld!! Rated A for ADULTS.. sexually explicit information involved!!

We celebrated my Dad's 59th Birthday a couple of weeks ago. I recall him saying he was excited to hit the big 6-0 so he can get the senior citizen discount at restaraunts!!

Shonni made delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup. I showed up late with the rolls.. did I mention they hadn't even been cooked yet? Ha ha!! But don't worry, cause I made a DELICIOUS Better Than Sex Cake!!! And to all of you people out there that think that name is inappropriate.. BOO ON YOU!! You eat your lame "Better than anything you had on your mission" or "Better than Robert Redford (as if you even know)" cakes!! We thoroughly enjoyed our BETTER THAN S-E-X CAKE!!! Mmmm.. I could go for some right now...

Addison LOVED it!!

We gave him Seinfeld Scene It, he's a big fan of the show. I'm usually no good at any of the Scene It's.. but I must say I kind of kicked butt!! Okay, maybe more like kicked some tush.. Fine. I got a few answers right, dang it!!

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  1. Thank you for cutting off my face in that picture. I am EXTREMELY appreciative. 8) A couple of the cards from the game got left at my house.. not sure how.