Sunday, April 11, 2010

Coloring.. ahem.. ATTEMPTING to color eggs..

When I mentioned wanting to color eggs with Kapri.. Cody wanted nothing to do with it. "Coloring easter eggs is LAME. Guys don't like to color easter eggs, cause its BORING. Kapri won't even know whats going on TAWNYA."

So.. I called Shonni. Her and Addison would want to color eggs with us.. and they did!! So, Kapri and I ditched Cody.. Shonni and Addison ditched Josh, and we went over to Jenny's house (Josh's sister) to make a mess... I mean, color eggs.

So here's what went down...

We stripped the kids down to their onesies (Addison wore pants, she's more modest than my kid). Then I whipped out these AWESOME aprons that said "Team McPherron Tawnie Toot/Codylicious. (The truth is, I bought these aprons for Cody and I, in the Adult/Large size. They came in the mail, and yeah, I guess you could call them Adult/Large... IF I WAS 5 FEET TALL AND 100 POUNDS!! Which I am not...... clearly.)

Then, I looked around... bowls full of dye, breakable eggs, SOMEONE ELSE'S HOUSE + babies... and I thought "What was I thinking??!!"

We decided to just put them on the floor and let 'em go at it. Which they gladly did. Luckily, the dye is non-toxic.

After they'd been playing for a few minutes.. Jenny had the most brilliant idea in the universe!! "Why don't we just fill the bowls with water?" she said. Sure.. the girls won't ACTUALLY be coloring easter eggs.. but they don't know the difference. (*Insert Cody saying "I told you so".)

After Kapri's hands were yellow.. Addison's orange, and the floor was covered in dye, water and cracked egg shells (thanks to Addison stealing Kapri's egg and EATING it) we threw them in the tub to clean 'em up. (Figuratively speaking.. we didn't actually THROW them in the tub.. it was more of a soft toss.)

After the girls were cleaned up we put on The Princess and the Frog and attempted to watch it. Kapri snuggled!! Like full on, SNUGGLED. If you know my kid, up until this point, she has been ANTI-snuggle!! She wouldn't even lay her head down if her life depended on it. But this night she sat with each of us for over twenty minutes!!

Shonni won this head scratcher thingy-ma-jigger at Bunko and the girls love it.. well I think its a love/hate thing. They giggle their pants off and cringe at the same time when you put it on their head. It was hilarious watching them run away and then come back begging for more.

Addison's car seat was sitting on the floor and Kapri kept putting things in the chair, then she'd climb in forward, turn around and sit down.. then try to pull whatever it was she put in there out from under her bum. Then after five minutes of getting situated, she'd see something else she wanted clear across the room. She'd climb out of the chair, run and get it, and then repeat the whole process!! She did this a million times!!

I could sit and watch her all day. Its so fun seeing her figure things out. Ahhh.. to be a kid again. When our only worries were deciding what to play with that day.

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