Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hippity Hoppity.. Easter's on its way!!

Okay, I admit it... the Easter Bunny got a little carried away this year. BUT.. in my defense.. I got (he got) everything for a great price!!

Kapri was more interested in the candy than anything else, sadly. Like mother like daughter I suppose.

I LOVE her pj's. Her Grandma Nonni bought them for her when she was here a couple months ago, but I saved them for easter. She had a little bit of leakage during the night, but I was able to wash them out a little and dry them with a blow dryer. I wanted her to wear them to Grandma Housley's for breakfast, dang it!! (Sadly, as soon as we got there she had a major BLOW OUT anyway. Luckily Shonni came to the rescue with some of Addison's pj's.)

We went to my mom's house bright and early. (much to Cody's dismay, after all, it was Sunday.. and who wants to get up early on a Sunday??!!) There was food. LOTS of delicious food.

We had an easter egg for Addison and Kapri. And my mom had a scavenger hunt for the older kids.

Then we played the Jelly Belly game.. where you have to eat the jelly beans (okay, you talked me into it) and then guess what kind they are. My cousin Aubrie won..

but she gave the grand prize to the second place winner, my niece Taelor (who is somewhat of a jelly belly fanatic).

Shonni won third place.. with the help of Kapri.

That evening we went to Cody's mom's house for dinner. And ANOTHER easter egg hunt!! I'm tellin' ya, Kapri didn't know what to do with herself. She's been bored every day since, she keeps wondering why there aren't colorful eggs laying around!! She's resorted to putting balls and rocks into her bucket that she insists on carrying around.

Her Grandma Annie gave her a huge lamb.. she's been carrying it around with her everywhere.

Future Dancer?? (Maybe she wasn't cursed with my clumsiness.)

It was another fun holiday, filled with food, family and FUN!!


  1. What a fun easter!! We had our egg hunt in the windy dusty cold. Aren't firsts so so fun. I am so happy that your experiencing it all. Motherhood is so dang hard yet so so dang rewarding!

  2. i do believe that in the beginning, of this you said you bought it on a good deal, yeah right. the easter bunny did, he is real.