Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hick Town!!

Taelor was going to MORP with her boyfriend and another couple.. and they decided that $26 for pictures was ridiculous (I agree).. so I threw her a bone and only charged her $20 to take them for her!! Okay, thats a lie. I only charged her $19.99. What can I say, I'm an awesome aunt. (You're welcome for doing them FREE Taelor Jae, cause I'm THAT cool.)

Her friend's date was a little afraid of me, it might have to do with me threatening him his very livelyhood if my car got towed. I think I need to scale back my sarcasm/personality a bit when I'm in the presence of newbies. I'll work on that.. tomorrow.

Anyhoo.. we got a few cute ones. And they're WAY better than professional photographer Mr. Cory Adams can do!! He ain't got nothin' on me. (I wish.)

Here they are for your viewing pleasure.. cause I like to spread pleasure whenever possible.

We had to do atleast one of the "classic" dance picture poses..

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