Monday, March 22, 2010

Lions and Tigers and NO bears.. oh my!!

Me, Cody and Kapri went to the Zoo yesterday. We just got this freaking cute lion backpack/harness, leash, if you will, for Kapri. I know there are a lot of people out there who don't believe you should tie your kid to the end of a rope.. but guess what, I don't give a rats a$$ what they think. :) I would rather let Kapri run around (safely attached to us), than stay strapped into her stroller. Plus, SHE LOVES IT!!

The past times we have gone to the zoo she was too little to care.. barely even noticed the animals. This time she was pointing and getting excited over them!! She's growing up so fast!!

The baby elephant was playin' in the poop!! Brought back memories.. of Kapri in the tub the other night.

There were NO bears this time, they moved them to the Oregon Zoo (which is probably a lot NICER than this one) so they could do some new exhibit with seals and otters and such.

This is the one "family" picture that we got of all of us.

See Cody pokin' up in the background!! Haha.. I'm so good.

Kapri was REALLY upset because we wouldn't let her eat the fruit snack that she found on the ground..

But I wanna EAT IT, it looks so good!!!

The tigers were super cute.. they were all just snugglin' right up against the fence where we could see them perfectly.

(Get the title now?? Lions: backpack, Tigers: snugglin' in the sun, NO Bears: there were NO bears. Whahahhahahehehahah!!)

When we left I asked Kapri if she had fun..

Then I asked her if she LOVED Leonard/Leopold the Lion (his name varies, depending on who you ask) and this is what she did!!

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