Sunday, January 16, 2011

He left nothing but crumbs...

Oh, and a bunch of P.R.E.S.E.N.T.S!!!

Thats right. Santa came to OUR house. Cause we've all been so good. I hope he came to your house too.

He brought Kapri a Tangled 4-wheeler... She's been envying her cousin Addison's Dora 4-wheeler for months. Now she's got her very own!!

I think she likes it...

(Please take notice of the bow. Its a masterpiece. Santa must've forgotten to buy one, so he had to come up with something last minute. Thats my guess.)

Kapri pretty much ran our morning. She opened most of the presents, including mine and Cody's. Once in a while she'd let us help a little. Sweet, right?? This year was SO MUCH FUN. Her reaction to seeing the presents was priceless. I can't wait until next year.. I'm guessing it'll get even better!!

Santa brought me a BB GUN!! I have wanted one forEVER.. and it was a huge surprise!!

Thanks Codylicious. You're my hero.

Kapri would start to open another present, and then see the 4-wheeler. Im not sure if she thought she was neglecting it, but she insisted on sitting on it almost the entire morning. So.Dang.Cute. I don't care who you are.

Christmas morning family picture... so cute-ish.

We had a delicious steak and egg breakfast (a request by Cody), took a late morning nap, got ready and then headed over to Cody's mom's house.

I'm pretty sure this picture of Kapri and her cousin Taisha is THE cutest.

We ate a delicious meal.. which included HAM!! I was hoping there'd be ham, and they didn't disappoint. It was delish.

The kids had a dance party... ON THE POOL TABLE.

Shh.. don't tell Grandpa.

After their house, we went to Shonni's to see my Dad. Oh, and eat ANOTHER delicious meal. This one consisted of lasagna.

Then we opened more presents.. we got spoiled that day.

My dad brought along his lady friend, Mercedes, and her daughters, Lucy and Linda.

We like them, they laughed along with us (possibly AT us, we'll never know).

Even when we were tooting "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" with our tooters.

We headed home late, after a loooong, fun day. Exhausted.

Until next year!!!

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  1. I'm feeling so... left out of all of the fun. I want to try tooting Rudolf The Red Nosed Reighdeer too. And Tangled, the BEST MOVIE EVER!!! I laughed more than anyone else in the theater.