Sunday, January 2, 2011

Random Festivities...

December was a crazy month, full of CHRISTMAS activies. Here is a sneak peak into a few of them.

Kapri put the topper on the tree.. again. I do believe we've started a tradition. She's pretty darn good at it, she must've gotten her tree topping skills from your's truly. (It seems she got everything else from her father.)

Here's the finished tree.. in its protected corner. Safe from dog's flailing tails and Kapri's chubby fingers... well, almost. She actually did MUCH better than I thought she'd do. She was fascinated (literally OBSESSED) with the big silver ball that was in the front, down at her level. She was singing/dancing/admiring herself daily in this ball. It was her own, personal mirror.

Half way through the month Jalynn came over. When Jalynn is around, ideas turn into reality. She's a doer... not a thinker. I like that about her. That, and her toe nails. Right now they're green with white polka dots.

Anyway.. Jalynn came over. I had been fussing over my family room for quite some time.. its super small and angled funny.. so there's not much you can do with the furniture. But, after moving the couches about six times, and eventually moving the tree across the room (after it fell apart into three pieces).. we ended up with a nice little cozy set up. So, among a million other things to thank her for.. THANKS JALYNN!!!

Moving on...

One day, when it was freezing cold, seriously windy and snowing like crazy... Shonni and I decided to take pictures for Christmas cards. Cause that's how we roll. It would've been much too convenient and easy for us to do it on a warmer, non-blizzard-like day.

Did I mention it was COLD?? Well, it was.

It went something like this.... We met there in our cars. Cody and Kapri stayed in the car, while Shonni, Josh and Addison jumped out to get their pictures taken. The wind blew, we took twenty pictures as fast we could, the snow came down, Josh and Addison got back in the car. (At some point, Cody had let Kapri out of her carseat and rolled down the window. She was crying at the top of her lungs because she wanted to be outside in the cold with us. Some things I'll never understand. )

Then, Cody and Kapri got out. The wind blew, we took twenty pictures, I ate my hair and soaked up a gallon of water in my boots, Kapri said CHEESE, we ran and got back in the car.. and went home.

That story might help explain our Christmas card a little bit, atleast for the ten of you that actually received one this year.. I was a bit of a slacker.

Oh yeah, it was pretty much dark outside by the time we got there. So, we had about twenty things working against us.

The snot in this picture helps prove my point.

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