Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hockey pucks and MAGIC.

Thanks to this boy...

who happens to be the boyfriend of my niece...

...we got to go to a Grizzley Hockey game for free!!

Get that? FREE!!!

(From left to right...) This is, of course, Trevor, the maker of magic. Taelor, the girlfriend of the maker of magic. Shawn, the father of the girfriend of the maker of magic. And Jalynn, the wife of the father of the girlfriend of the maker of the magic. And there you have it.

Not only was it free.. but we got to sit in a box.. I felt cool, if only for a short while.

We invited along our friends..

Emily and Ryan

And Mike and Denise.

In true hockey fashion, there were punches thrown. We would have been disappointed if the players took pity on eachother.

I swear they were fighting.. NOT hugging.

Please pay no attention to the blurry, HORRIBLE pictures.

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