Sunday, April 3, 2011

Early delivery...

Piper Blu McPherron

Born March 29th @ 10:52 a.m.

7 lbs 1 oz, 20.5 inches

If you read my last post, you'd have seen that I was supposed to be getting induced on Wednesday, the 30th. Well, this little girl had plans of her own. At 2:45 am on the 29th I sat up in bed and... peed my pants. Or thought I did. I've read numerous places that you should smell the mysterious "fluids" (ha) to see if they smell like pee. Insert me with stuffy nose.. UNABLE TO SMELL. I had to ask my amazing husband if he could come smell it for me. After he looked at me with utter fear, he obliged. (If this is too much information for you... cry about it.) We (he) determined it wasn't pee.. and our conclusion was proved when I kept "peeing my pants" for the next few minutes.

We called my mom.. she headed up from Springville to stay with Kapri, then we headed to the hospital. My mom then called Shonni to come get Kapri so she could come to the hospital. (See.. this is why a scheduled birth is so convenient.. sheesh.)

We got to the hospital.. and in true movie fashion.. my placenta GUSHED my amniotic fluids out with every move I made. By the time I made it to the desk I might as well have jumped into waist high water. THEN they make you sit there and fill out papers. How sweet of them.

I got poked by needles five times before they were able to get an i.v. in, despite the fact that I have "garden hoses". They determined I was dialated to a 6. We got settled in.. and began to wait. They were having problems monitering the baby.. and ended up putting some device up into my va-jay-jay that went around her head to read her heart rate.

(and YES, I totally just wrote va-jay-jay)

After a few hours of waiting, the baby's heart rate dropped below 100 for ten minutes.. which is NO GOOD. Nurse after nurse started rushing into the room to help. They ended up giving me a shot to stop my contractions because they were stressing the baby. They had me flipping all sorts of directions to try to get her heart rate up and nothing was working. All of the sudden, there was a doctor in the room and they were prepping my bed for childbirth. WHAT?? Oh, here's the best part.. poor Cody was sleeping in a chair during all of this.. and he woke up to me with my legs in the air.. ready to have a baby, with six nurses rushing around and some strange doctor. He looked at my mom and she said "the baby's not doing well". This sent the poor guy into shock and he was pretty much freaked out for the rest of the birth.

Luckily, her heart rate went back up, my doctor was able to make it there in time for the delivery, and I only pushed for about 15 minutes. Wha-la!!! (I'm awesome.) The cord was wrapped around her neck and they said that was probably the biggest contributor to the low heart rate and distress.

Anyhoo.. baby is here, healthy and BEAUTIFUL. Mom is recovering nicely.. Big sister LOVES her baby sister, Daddy is not in shock anymore... we're HOME and can't wait to start our lives together as a family of FOUR!!!


  1. When I saw her picture the other day and looked into that adorable little face, I cried, "It's another Capri." Toni said, "Oh I hope she isn't the handful that Capri is.", and we both laughed. Congradulations, she's beautiful!!! Which of course means her older sister is too. LOL