Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My FAVORITE newborn pics EVER...

But, I may be an eensy bit biased.

My friend Bree came over when Piper was a week old to take newborn pics of her. She also has a bit of an obsession with photography, and I was willing to feed her obsession with my newborn baby. BUT, Piper had other plans. She was hungry, then she was poopy, then she was crying, then she was hungry.. you get the picture. Unfortunately, Bree didn't get any fab pics of her because every time I laid her down, she screamed. She DID happen to get some great pictures of Kapri though.. here's a link to her blog so you can see them.

Thanks for the attempt Bree.. and a bigger thanks for leaving your props so Shonni and I could get some great pictures the next day!! (Between her stuff and ours we had a plethora of things to choose from!!) And.. of course, Piper was an ANGEL for us. Newborns.. they're sooo unpredictable. Don't worry, we got some great ones of Kaprizee and Miss Addison too.

Here are a few.. or a lot.. of pictures, for your viewing pleasure.

Go ahead.. just say it.. I have THE most beautiful girls in the world.

How do you say.. my darn cup is OVERFLOWING. :)

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  1. truly beautiful! My heart is melting. You have a talent for capturing the beauty and innocence of children. I would love it if you would photograph my children. This is Emily from Cody's work BTW. email me at eholly@gmail.com and let me know if you would be willing to photograph my children and for how much. Hope to hear from you soon. Beautiful!