Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jelly beans and such.

Our Easter fun started on Saturday morning. We went to Cody's grandparents for breakfast and an easter egg hunt. Kapri was totally scoping out the eggs before the hunt started.. there were eggs worth money and she likes the money. (She'll happily put it in her piggy bank.) When they said go (or rather, when the kids kind of just started going and everyone looked around and said, I guess its time to start) she went to the right, when everyone else went straight. Smart kid.. she had the entire side of the house to herself and her basket filled right up.

Uncle Dave had 100 dollars worth of 2 dollar bills and Kapri ended up with ten dollars. It didn't last long though, she spotted the princess doll at Harmons later that day. (I will teach my kid to save, I will teach my kid to save, I will teach my kid to save.)

Later that day we Kapri, colored eggs. She chose not to use the spoon/bendy metal thingy and used her hands instead.

Meet Hulk...

The easter bunny visted our lovely abode... but had to hide the goodies in the bathroom. Otherwise we'd have come down to sick dogs and empty baskets. Cody snuck down in the morning and moved them to a "better" location.

Kapri was in HEAVEN. Apparently the easter bunny figured Piper is too young to get much, so he spoiled her big sister instead. Swim suit cover-up, bucket and shovel, white erase board, mini pillow pet, HUGE princess coloring book and crayons, play dough (as a side note, I LOVE the smell of play dough.. mmmm) and enough candy to last us, well, two days. We like our candy.


The girls were in their matching pj's. And YES, I am totally going to be that mom that matches them. Not everyday, but isn't that a benefit of having two girls??

We spruced ourselves up a bit and headed to Jalynn's for lunch.

                                                 POP ROCKS!!

After lunch we started the hunts. First up was the little kids.. Kapri had it down by this point and knew just what to do.

Next up was the older kids...

Last up... the adults. My mom has been doing an adult easter egg hunt for a few years now.. and I LOVE GETTING IN ON THE FUN!!

This year we had to pick an animal.. when you saw an egg you couldn't pick it up.. you had to do your animal noise to get your partner's attention and they had to come pick the egg up. We were elephants.. by the end of the game the noise we were making sounded more like a cat in heat. Its a hard noise to make anyway.. then add desperation and craziness into that mix. There were gold and silver eggs mixed in the bunch and let me just say, the contents were worth more than a few jelly beans. We were SPOILED by my mom and Jay this year.

THANKS AGAIN Mama and Jay!!!

After my family's get together, we headed to Cody's mom's. (Dejavu.. seems like this is a repeat of all of our holidays.)

They had an easter egg hunt set up in their backyard too. By this point Kapri was a little tuckered out and not as anxious to get the eggs, but she still gladly played along.

We had a delicious dinner, visited with everyone, and then got ready to head home. Until... the show "River Monsters" came on.. then we just kept staying.. and staying. They kept hooking us in before they went to commercial break, then we had to stay.  Once we saw that giant sting ray they were fishing for.. was it worth it??  No.  Not really.

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