Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kapri had a BIRTHDAY...


We're gonna sing to her today.. one year older and wiser too.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. TO YOU!!

My baby is 3.  THREE.

We had a low key birthday this year.  Maybe next year we'll splurge and let her have a "friend" party.  I once heard a good rule of thumb is to allow them to invite as many kids as they are old.  I could probably handle 4 four year olds.  Probably.

I read a blog and got the fabulous idea of the "balloon fairy" visiting Kapri's room while she was sleeping and leaving a plethera of BALLOONS to surprise her in the morning.

I thought this was a fun and pretty much brilliant idea.

We blew up all of the balloons in our room and then quietly threw them all into her room at about 1 in the morning.

I was so excited to hear her excitement when she woke up in the morning.  But, I was NOT expecting her to wake up a 4 in the am when it was still pitch black and come running into my room hysterically crying because there were BALLOONS IN HER ROOM!!  I mean seriously.. I would be freaked out too if I woke up in a dark room full of balloons.


I let her sleep the rest of the night in our bed (which I almost NEVER do cause dang, its uncomfortable).  She was much more excited about the balloons in daylight.

She got to have her BFF Addison sleep over.. which I'm sure was the GREATEST birthday ever.  We had brownies with candles, Barbie movies and presents galore. 

Happy Birthday Kapri!!

This little girl makes me feel LOVED all day, every day.  So grateful I get to call her mine.

PS.  This chickadee is FULLY potty trained.  I told her that 3 year olds can't ever poop in their panties.  For some reason it clicked.

 Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!

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  1. You get a super big Woot, woot! Hallie isn't potty trained yet. We tried once and she was doing really well but then she changed her mind about the whole thing. She will turn three in January and she has once more shown interest, thank goodness. We've definitely got to get her potty trained before the next baby arrives in May.